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Tank Installation, Fuel Deliveries, and Service

County Fuels is proud to provide Ozark businesses and families with the best prices for premium gasoline, on-road and off-road diesel, and tanks of various size for larger, more cost-effective deliveries. And since we deliver over a 140 mile radius from Eminence, we are able to bring you the fuel you need when you need it.

Both our gas stations boast convenient, 24/7 pumps, and the Eminence station has a delicious daily lunch special in the deli and items perfect for your time in the Ozarks. 

Please contact our office today for a quote on your fueling needs! 

Our Fuels

  • Regular and Premium Gasoline

  • On-Road Diesel

  • Off-Road Diesel

  • Storage Tanks 


  • Tank delivery and installation

  • Regular delivery shipments


  • Convenient Budget Plans

  • Fixed Price for Prepaid Fuel

  • Great Customer Service

We install and deliver to your personal fuel tank​​
Our office is ready to discuss your fueling needs

Your service will include regular deliveries and 24/7 emergency fuel assistance

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